Relocation services

Relocation services, business visa and resident permits

Hem works with norwegian firm Relocation AS to provide customers with relocation services such as business visas and resident permits. Relocation AS is a higly experienced firm with more than 20 years of experience. It is the largest company in its industry in Norway, and holds EuRA GQS 2017 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

Why Relocation AS

  • With three offices in Norway (Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger), it is the only provider to fully cover the whole Norwegian territory with only in-house resources.
  • Focused on innovation by developing its own management software. This ensures compliance with latest certification standards, compliance with client-specific policies and requirements, and a smooth operational process.
  • Its people are the key assets of the company. Relocation AS does not use any outsourcing (no freelance consultants), and its personnel are selected among strict criteria including life experience abroad (to have a better empathy with its clients) and service oriented skills. Its staff is also trained according to LEAN methodology.

Relocation AS offers:

Work Permits and Registration for EU Nationals

Immigration forms the foundation of employee mobility and global recruitment. Sending assignees to the Nordics quickly, legally and economically is a challenge to any HR professional. It calls for individual handling in the pre-move stage and knowledge about the immigration formalities and procedures in the welcoming country. Relocation AS advises, identify and collect supporting documentation, review and track the application with the Immigration authorities. The assignee and family are looked after and corporate interests are represented its experienced team. 

Residence permits are required for all non-EU nationals living and working in the Nordics. The term ‘work permit’ has been replaced by – and is included in – the residence permit. Norway is part of the Schengen state cooperation, but is not a member of the European Union. The Norwegian Immigration Act, Regulations and Policies are complex, and procedures and documentation very strict. Originally verified documents and certificates must be translated to English and authorized. 

EU Nationals have the right to live and work in the Nordic countries for up to 3 months. After that, it is mandatory to be registered with the proper Immigration Authorities, obtaining a registration certificate in the process. 

Business Visa

Relocation AS offers a smooth and simplified process for your assignees to obtain business visas for specific travel needs, globally. With its extensive knowledge, Relocation AS can ensure that your application has everything it requires for a successful outcome.

How to engage Relocation AS

If you or your company needs any relocation services performed, you may contact Relocation AS directly by using the form below.